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What is out there?

Yes, folks school is on a break and I am eagerly awaiting the results from my exams. The good thing is I have already gotten the result of two and only four more to go. I am filled with a lot of mixed emotions lately, probable due to the fact christmas is on its way.

You know the thing about christmas is for family and all that coming together. It is normally the loneliest time of the year for me (sad). As I am writing this blog I am watching BBC world news report on the television and the Asian Quake is the main topic. Imagine a Quake of 8.9, how do you, what do you do in a situation like that? Tsunami's are creating a major havoc for those that survived the quake and the flooding is also taking lives....I still say that Jamaica is blessed.

I have come to find out lately that I am way behind in the current affairs thing. School had me so much that my head was stuck in books or caught up in meetings whether individual or group (there is this one group member, boy do I want to meet with her more), I only recently heard about the JPS and the bills that some customers have been receiving. What do they take us for? I thought the OUR was set up to protect us, just like how that report after Hurricane Ivan was to look at price gouging by the local supermarkets. The government has been doing stuff and letting stuff go classic example what is the thing with the toll going to $160 (from $50), I shudder to think what the portmore leg of it will cost (I don't drive right now but I do plan to own one).

Well has I try to get my mind wrapped around the many changes that have happened during my studying, I will see you all.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.....
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