strainer10 (strainer10) wrote,

In search of......

The title is aptly named, I am in search of something to blog about. The only thing I have to say is that I man need to go on vacation, bredrin work and school getting to me............

The work doesn't seem to quit and the assignments are piling up.

Software Engineering 2 (Documentation to be done and a presentation)
Operating System (Incourse test and a programming assignment)
Advance Communication (Essay and Oral presentation)
Environmental Study (Group Presentation and individual assignment)
Computer Hardware
Network Administration (Lab assignment)

Six courses and a multitude of things to be done (MI TIAD NUH RASS!!!)...Angry we need to link, as per usual I require your assistance in thrashing out a line of code. Recently, I have decided not to go to lunch but use the time to study (So I just ask someone to pickup a lunch for me).

I wouldn't mind something like that now. I am tired of being chauffeur driven (JUTC - Public transportation). That pic was taken at the last car show held at the Arena. I am hoping to be able to afford a car sometime soon, I live to far (bwoy mi miss harbour view).

So till next time
wi will link'

P.S ( I had posted on Sunday but I seem to have lost that post)
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