strainer10 (strainer10) wrote,

Where do we go from here?

From time to time I've wanted to post on current issue's affecting our country and then I remember I don't watch the news and hardly read the newspaper. The reason being that simply it depresses me, the first pages of the observer reads like an obituary and if that doesn't kill you the balance drives you further over the edge.

The jamaican economy is barely afloat and the constant negativity in the newspaper further erodes any investor confidence we might have in the financial sector. The constant bickering amongst politicians take up the rest of the newspaper, luckily there is the comic strip (calvin and hobbes). Once we could find comfort with the sports section but the W.I.C team is not helping us at all.

I know I need to take a more active role in our country (like getting a gun and shooting all dem so call bad man). I will endeavour to read more and watch the news and maybe get into a conversation on the topic. The question of what to do with our growing crime problem. MB as for the kidnapping for a AK-47 that is a shock to me, how can you ransom someone's life for a gun. I guess I need to develop my criminal mind to understand that thought.
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