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As you might be aware already this is the week of many breaks. Independence day and Emancipation day (I feel the urge to burst out into Bob's song "emancipate yourself from mental slavery"), I was by utech yesterday (30/7/04) by the auditorium and they were about to hold a Independence show entitled "Our Heritage." I was just there watching the rehearsal which consist of little girls dancing to elephant man and many more artist. Now can someone please explain to me when Elephant man's songs have become part of our heritage.

Growing up I use to enjoy the "Festival Song Comptetition" and the went and change it to the "Popular Song Festival". Can anyone remember Roy Rayon, The Astronaut's and songs of that nature, now you can enter with anything, I am surprised that I haven't heard Rap as yet. The things I have seen that have changed over the years....I remember as a child beating out the soda bottle covers and boring two holes in them and running string through them to make a "zinger" (the name might be incorrect) only to see someone selling one (that looks like it came from a factory) yesterday with all the bells and whistle (light flashing), I remember the days of running up and down in harbour view with my wheel and wire, playing with gigs.

As far as I know isn't that part of our heritage, but we are in the Nintendo generation (Generation X) and the things of the past are kept in the past. I don't see anyone making trucks out of empty drink boxes.....I miss those days of using a bingy (slingshot) to hunt for birds in the hills in harbour view. On the matter of our heritage I remember as a child my mother would take me downtown to see the Jonkanoo doing there thing on King Street, there are so many things that have disappeared over the years....what can we do to bring them back?

This is a bit long.....but there are something that are important. As they say you need to know where you are coming from to know where you are going.
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