strainer10 (strainer10) wrote,

The little things

let us recap the last week or so.

1. I am dropping Operating System I can't manage the bloody thing and the teacher is trying to us/me (that is my opinion).
2. Got my result for my intro to software engineering (62.5%) not bad considering I only started studying the day before the test.
3. As luck would have it I didn't go to class last week saturday, but imagine my surprise on friday gone when a class mate of mine asked me if I was ready for the test on saturday.......I quickly said to him "test?" I spent friday night into saturday morning swatting lines of code. Only to have mainly theory on the test and not a lot of coding.
4. My left knee has been bothering me for some time now and I was suppose to do a X-ray on my knee. However, I was choosing not because it wasn't hurting anymore. So using my infinite wisdom I went to play football over the weekend at school after class. let us just say the first ball that came to me left me on the ground, I went and awaken the pain and now the slightest of movement leaves me in pain. So the X-ray is back on the agenda, tomorrow the latest...I need painkillers damn knee.
5. And my nephews obviously don't like me....I am of that opinion. Or they like the sound of my voice, it so happens that I had to raise my hand to them on saturday for their lack of judgement (would you believe they took someone's bicycle and carried it to the house and lied to me about it). They are now in confinement/solitary.
6. So I am now preparing for my calculus test on Tuesday and then onto my Data Structure assignment and preparing for the finals which are about two to three weeks away (this week included).

I am still trying to find my way in the world, still trying to accomplish a few things, still trying.........

Things I had set out to accomplish this year haven't taken fruition as yet, do not think for a minute that I have given up or forgotten about them. Unfortunately time does not permit me to all of them right now.
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