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It is upon me again, the dreaded exams. I say to you exam, fuck you. You have stressed me enough and now it is my time to kick your sorry ass. DBMS2 I know I will be facing you with a minimal amount of grades but guess what, fuck you too. My intention is to kick your ass, I have kick logics in the ass already. You, yes you C programming I know you are planning to ambush me but to you I also say, "fuck you motherfucker".

Today is a friday and though you might expect me to be out drinking and partying I say no. I intend to study, and prepare my mind for the onslaught you all will bring to me. With each stroke of my pen, like Bruce Lee practicing his Kata so shall I be flawless and smooth. I will approach you cautiously, not being over confident but like a fight respects his opponent but does not fear him.

I am preparing mind and body for our showdown, I am in need of rest and a little fun and you have deprived me of these for four months now. Your death will be a slow painful death and I will take great pleasure from it.

And on another note, I am in need of something no one can give me but might be asking yourself what could that possibly be. The thing is it could be a wide range of things, confidence, love of self, the need to remove all self loathing.

I am hoping to come out of that slump soon, I really want to join a gym and do some work out. I generally feel good about myself when I am lifting weights. Worst if I see any signs of improvement, you know chest, shoulder, arms, legs...I can't wait.
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