strainer10 (strainer10) wrote,

Happy New Year!!

For months I have blogged or not blogged (as some of you might know) and I have visited sites and read and taken a peep at you all life's. So it came to pass that I actually got to link up with a few of you bloggers and ladies and gents the lineup was as follows...AngryDog, The Doc and Scratchie. So I must say that they are a cool bunch of guys and as Scratchie said in his post I think we lost the Doc on some of the conversation (tech stuff - but he held his own). Smirnoff Ice and a good conversation somehow always go down well.

Well, school is back in cession and so far I am lost. The tradition at that school is first week is a idle week because they are never organised. I have been to school two days now and I have yet to have a class and guess what tomorrow is another day. This semester will be interesting because I have once again taken on more than I can chew and the fact that the results for last semester are outstanding. I am excited to find out how well I did on my exams.

I can only hope that everyone's christmas was all that they had hoped it would be...
and that the new year is filled with all the promise that it brings...

The Tsunami issue is overwhelming, the outpour of everyone is touching and it saddens me to think that we can always be like this to everyone...Africa and war and famine, we need to change as a ppl (if that makes sense).
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