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The week in review!!

I know, I know....I haven't been updating regularly but there is a good excuse.

Here goes....I am too damn lazy.

Well the past week was interesting, let me give you a brief synapsis.
1. Got held up by three punk (pussies) on tuesday while on my way to work. Would you believe I was on Dominica Drive about minutes to seven (7) in the morning. When a car pulled up to me asking for gas money so I told them that I didn't have any money and the next thing I know the two passengers are on me like ice cream on a cone. They took both my cellphones and $3,500.00 that I had on me. Sorry, Doc can't call don't have number. They then drove off in the opposite direction and I was watching them drive off, when they had reach a little way off they turned the car around and sped up to where I was just to tell me that "Pussy yu a go dead". Now tell me did I really need to hear that...considering they took my money and phone.

2. On saturday before going to school I took part in a 5k walk/run put on by the Jamaica Cancer Society. Hey I placed 59th, I need to go into training for next year for the walk (my black ass can barely run). It was fun though it started from the stadium, Arthur wint drive, tom redcam, old hope road, lady musgrave, seymour ave (I think, was gasping for air couldn't look up), old hope road, stanton terrace, roosevelt avenue and back to the stadium. It was for a worthy cause and I encourage all you men to encourage the lady in your (grandmother, godmother,mother, sister, girlfriend, friend) life to do the examinations.
Did you know that men can have breast cancer (you live and you learn) but as you might have guessed it doesn't happen as often as in the case of the ladies.

I am ok now and trying to deal with work and school (wouldn't mind the $3,500 back though so I can bo by Cuddy'z for a smirnoff ice). I guess I will try to post more regularly from now.

The Reggae Boyz drew thier match against Panama, I have only one thing to say.....Sorry we didn't get the full points but a point is better than no point.
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