strainer10 (strainer10) wrote,

Ivan: there and back.

Before I do anything, let me first give my condolence to those that lost loved ones during that horrible storm and for my Caymanian friends to you I wish a speedy recovery to some level of normalcy (I have seen the pictures and read the horror story).

Well my life is back to normalcy (school resumes today), luckily I didn't suffer any losses during the hurricane (whether roof or otherwise). There was a time during the storm when I thought the windows were going to come in on me. I heard pounding as if someone was outside wanting to come. The water found its way through the door crevices, first it was the back door and I had to be getting up every fifteen minutes to wipe up (my nephews fell asleep eventually, I tried but it didn't work).

One things is for sure Jamaica land we love has had some advances over the past 16yrs. I remember after gilbert how long it took for us to get back light or water (I was living in harbour view at the time) and now it didn't take a week. I commend the Light and power people and the wata people dem too.

I man a keep it short today.

PS. Doc I man alright but I was calling you a few times to find out if you cool and any word from Mad Bull and the family.
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