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Hail y'all!!

In my last post I mentioned a dinner and a movie, well lets say I have the luck of a garbage collector. After go hol a fresh and fix di I self up and looking rather 'dapper'. I headed off to my place of work to meet this young lady (having finalised everything from in the week), so Dre is there waiting and no one shows up, so I called both her cellphone still no answer (hmmm, most guys would take the hint by now. Nope not me.)so the next step call her home (she shouldn't be home she should be on her way to meet me) and you guessed it - no answer. So I went online trying to kill sometime and about two hours later she comes online (excuse: she had some errands to run for her mom and was running late and none of the phones were working properly).

So I just said ok (can't bother to get upset over it), decided to look for something/somewhere else to go. As luck would have it "Good Times" was being held at the Mas Camp so I went across to Cuddy'z to purchase a ticket (ended up purchasing the ticket and having two smirnoff ice in the process - Jamaica is best enjoyed without worrying where you are going to get the money from). So I got in touch with a friend that was going so I had a ride home. Let us backtrack a bit, when I left home I spoke to one of my brothers and asked him to look after something for our nephews because I didn't know how long I would be on the road.

So About 9:00pm I went back to Cuddy'z for dinner (burger)and went back to the office to wait on my bredrin. At 11:00pm I got a call from my nephews they were home alone and hungry (my brother didn't look after anything for them as I had ask). So I just left the office and head straight to the "hip strip" (knutsford Boulevard) and get something for them and head home.

So $600 down the drain and the dating game is ruff, but I am back in the game. Look out world there is a stressed out and overworked guy lurking and he intends to conquer you.

Well, school started with its usual fanfare. Utech has the ability to waste the first two weeks of every semester (there problem is poor organisation). My schedule is fulllll, everyday I have class and Sunday is the only day I have free (free meaning to come into work and get something done). The good news is that Saturday isn't like last semester where the time was 9:00am - 7pm, now it is a lovely 10:00am - 3:00pm (isn't that much better).

Network Administration is one of the modules this semester and we will be using 'Windows Server 200' I am looking forward to this course (Once they sort themself out). Would you believe one person won the $140 million, I just wanted about 1/10th of that amount and I could get my house and a car and still have something left over (couldn't retire on that amount).

So till a next time we will link.....
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