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Friday wooo!!!

It is friday and the day is good, Jamaica got gold today courtesy of the ladies the gents however got disqualified for stepping into the wrong. The bad thing about is that the ran from the back to come in third. I finally got to check out Cuddy'z (the doc has visited there) and I had lunch and went back after work to have a drink with a bredrin. I must say I love the place, each booth has a touch screen monitor with cable and in the future I am assuming they will have internet and other wonderful function available. Tomorrow I will be doing the whole dinner and a movie thing.

Dinner will be at Cuddy'z and the movie is The Manchurian Candidate. I intend to have some "fun" (wish me luck). As for the rest of the day I registered at utech for the upcoming semester so now my schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (doesn't that sound exciting).

Lately, I have a renewed respect for parents (how do they manage), my nephews are now with me and they are going cause me additional stress. The oldest one celebrated his 14th birthday this week and as luck would have it I was washing his clothes and found several condoms in his pants pocket. I had to give him the 'talk' but I was kinda glad that if he is sexually active atleast he is wearing protection. His mother wants him to change his school from Donald Quarrie (a school I have never had any respect for) to somewhere in Portmore, it just so happen she told me that he doesn't go to class when he goes to school but stay at the back of the school and idle with friends (would you believe his father use to do the same thing - must be genetic) so I am going to have to give him another 'talk'. By the time they leave this island, y'all can hire me for conferences and any situation that youngsters require a 'talk'.

Okay, my plan during the break was to practice my C programming but instead I am trying to teach myself PHP, why?

I have no idea my mind is flighty someone showed me a website that they were creating (that is the problem with IT so much to learn), so now I am interesting learning that. Where is the time I say, I still have the Cisco textbook to look at. One day, one day I say.

Hey, Doc link me so we can have a drink by Cuddy'z.

V/X of course.

PS. De jamaican women athletes dem have some nice ass (I couldn't help but notice).
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