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So now the lotto is at $140 million, don't you find it strange? I do, of the how many million of people in this country none have been able to come up with the right number. I was in the line on saturday to spend my $120 dollars in the vain attempt to convert it into $120 million (It does have a ring to it). Again not even match three (3) I get, I have been throwing my pawdna (purchasing lotto for some time now)and I am of the opinion that I am due for a draw.

So you must understand my amazement on Sunday when I was told that it has reached a whopping $140 million. I need money now!! Pay day is just several days away but I am so broke it is not funny, I could barely find busfare this morning and not to mention that I have to reach home today. I have already done my budget and it is not looking pretty, I am already spending more then I am earning...maybe I will link my 'rich' college professor friend, maybe he can help me out or give me some lotto numbers to buy. Today, my plan is simple I will do as much work as possible thereby leaving my evening free to browse the internet or find something else to do.

Once again I have taken up exercising (this is an annual event) but this time it is different (tired of the comments about my gut) I have a plan. The plan is to start dieting (cut back on quantity and go for quality - more veg), exercise will consist of weightlifting, push ups and abdominal exercises, I only need to include some aerobics and I am good to go, my target is December 2004. By then I am thinking that I can see some difference chest, shoulder and abdominals. I use to go jogging on the road but doing it at night with no streetlight can be hazardous. Aside from the obvious cars the road/sidewalk isn't paved and you might end up twisting and ankle, so I am considering heading up into the hills after work (this all depends on a co-workers response to me today)or the Park is another alternative alot of people have been going there to exercise and ladies do look fine (another plus).

Asafa Powell didn't medal but I man nuh to worry bout dem ting deh, he will improve and kick butt lata on in the coming years. We small island gi nuff a dem heart failure when dem hearsey we inna de same race.

Unnu walk good until next time.
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