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Break Time

As I sit here to type I am reflecting on the past four months and saying 'hallelujah'. Exams done....listen keenly do you hear that sound...that is the sound of stress falling to the grown.

I know I haven't been posting regularly lately, been spending my days and a few nights at utech (overnight twice). So Maas Charley came, he saw, he blew alot of wind, would you believe my study group was at school during all of it. Studying and cooking, man I wish I was there it sounded like fun.

On another note: So we will be facing the US tomorrow in our eternal battle to beat them. I think we have a fair shot if our midfielders feel like playing, I would like to see the inclusion of Keith Kelly in the midfield. I have seen him play for the under - 23 and maybe once for the senior. He has a lot of vision when releasing the ball and the fact that he has some international experience is an asset, he is currently contracted to Arnett Garden Football Club but I believe he will inject a great deal of vision into the team especially in the attacking half.

I have been reading you guys blog even though I haven't been updating my own. The Angrydog's trip was interesting, glad to hear that Doc and Mad Bull weren't affected by Charley. Right now I want to give a link to my brother in florida to see if he is ok (he hasn't called).

Right now all I am thinking about is kicking back, hopefully a little beach scene and hopefully I will finally get the chance to go to the QUAD and see what it is all about.

Again I have intentions of practicing my coding (Datastructure wasn't easy and I foresee a resit), I intend to get it this time.

c'est la vie
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