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I got into the office this morning and as usual, my routine started.

1. Sign in to MSN (see if the angry dog is online to give the usual morning growl).
2. Check mail (consisting mainly of deleting junk mail).
3. And the fun part Reading you guys blogs.

Today I ran out of the house and left every farthing (money) I have, luckily I had a little bus fare on me or else mi nuh kno' weh mi woulda haffi tell di ducta (see mi a foot it ovah the causeway). So mi call mi house and beg mi bredda fi carry di money come fi mi before he goes to his place of work. So I am at work and waiting for him and decide to call him (I work in new kingston), he then tells mi he is downtown. So I asked him why, he couldn't get a bus to half way tree so he took a bus to downtown and then a bus to half way tree (bwoy smart yu si).

So I am sitting here waiting on the 'Genius' before I can go and get something to eat. Hopefully, he will turn up soon....

On a different note, Doc mi sarry seh Safa no deh bout fi interpret dat deh dream weh yu did hav. When I use to live in Harbour View I did the same thing (sleep with the window open) and many a night I had that fear. We had a plum tree at the back of the yard and it cast some very disturbing shadows, mi would jus check fi see if the machete was still in the spot I left it.

Tonight I will attempt an all night studying because exams start on monday and my mind is blank.

So untill a next time mi will chat too unoo
So lata.
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