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Changes are needed

Remember I was talking about the residents of the fishing village being relocated, this is an update. It is unfortunate that they make their living fishing else the relocation wouldn't be so hard. Now we are preparing to face the US in a World Cup Qualification match next month, we retained the services of Mr. Lazaroni and Carl Brown is still involved but we still have the same players. I suggested we find a new midfield.

Let us look at some of our more popular player.

1. Theodore Whitmore - He is at the top of the list. Experienced, talented, versatile (somewhat), scored the two goals for us in the 1998 world cup. A.k.a the magician and I am tempted to agree with the nickname the man has the ability to disappear throughout a game. Has the ability to carry the ball forward, but continues to play the ball back to his defenders. We need to work on his attacking prowess.

2. Onandi Lowe - We will ignore him for now. He has too many legal matters to deal with.

3. Deon Burton - Why? The man is dun, him no got nutn lef.

4. Ricardo Fuller - Potentially one of jamaica's most potent player up front, but he needs to fully recover from his knee injuries. Failed move to Portsmouth is reason for him to get some rest.

5. Jamie Lawrence - When he first joined the team he was a godsent, hustles well in the midfield, hard tackling. Alas he has reached the retirement age in football 30+ and his pace has slowed down. We need to find another player with his style.

That is it for now.....if you know of any others let me know, we can discuss.

So tek care yu ere.
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