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Has it begun?

I am still cracking up over Angry dawg's post on the Doc's double life (I want to ask the doc still is Halle just as sexy in real life as she is on the television - he has the hook up). Perfect use of Photoshop (I know have ideas).

Pssst!! doc if you want to get back at angry still, hook him up with the dogs that have been disturbing you.

What I like to look at is the construction going on ie. highway. For those you who have been away for sometime just going to portmore via the causeway is a major change going on. The little fishing village has been relocated to across the road (still don't see the reasoning behind that one), and the widening of the road. They have been dumping into the sea to widen the road. Considering that eventually you will have to pay a toll to go to portmore.

That has some residents and business's in portmore a bit "perturbed". The residents are complaining about the additional cost, take for instance the man that works in portmore but his wife works in town.

look at the amount of toll he would have to pay.

1. He drives her to work - pays toll
2. Returning to portmore to go to work - pays toll.
3. Goes for wife in the evening - pays toll
4. They return home - pays toll.

it is cheaper for him to give her the car and he takes the bus/route taxi around portmore. That is an example of a resident but the business's are saying that it will drive potential shoppers from coming to portmore when they have to consider the additional cost involved.

Last I heard there was to be a meeting to discuss the cost of the toll, I am still waiting to hear the verdict on that one.

So till lata
mi gone
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