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I am sitting here trying to figure out what I am going to say.....I don't have a clue, there are topics but which one. Do I once again dive into my life and repeat the same mundane story of how things are or do I look outside and discuss more social issue's. I have no idea, not that there aren't matters that I feel passionate about.

It is now 6:38am locally, the thought of coming to work and just watch the day go to waste (my boss might disagree), I keep having this image of me going to the beach whether by myself or with friends it doesn't matter and just kicking back with something light like a smirnoff ice and some jerk pork (nothing beats that) and a hammock so I can either go for a swim or kick back in the hammock with a good book and read until I fall asleep. Well locally we have two holidays coming up "Independence and Emancipation day", I will be home or work studying.

I have noticed a disturbing trend and that is my temper, I am becoming to irritable quite easily. I played football on Saturday past and my mind is still on the game, I do believe there will be another game on Saturday and I am thinking that I might play again...maybe in a goalkeeper capacity because my left knee else I would be playing up front. I like playing out in a more advance position (not that I am any good) I love to setup the goals, making that final pass, dribbling pass my opponent and just playing the game. I particularly love when instincts take over, I just react getting by other players.

So until there is world peace or bush is out of power and the JLP becomes a united party acting in the interest of the country and not in their individual's need for power.

Peace out. (shizzle mi nizzle)
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